FALCONBRITE gewickelt PU-imprägniert
The non-woven abrasive fleece is convoluted around a support tube. In addition it is permeated with a permanently elastic and wear-resistant impregnation. These flexible brushes are especially suitable for a uniform line drawing for technical or decorative surfaces. We deliver different hardnesses for every application.

Product Features

  • Spiral wound brushes FALCONBRITE
  • Various hardnesses
  • Various degrees of grit size and various grain types
  • Temperature resistant duroplast impregnation
  • Also available as longlife impregnation
  • Flexibility adjustable
  • Constant hardness
  • High edge stability
  • Balanced


  • Effective removal of corrosion, burrs, dirt
  • Decorative, even surface finish with a defined roughness depth, e.g. stainless steel, copper and brass
  • Removal of punching and firing burrs with defined edge rounding
  • Matting and satinizing various metal and plastic parts
  • Descaling flame cuts
  • Finishing

Further Information

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