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FALCONBRITE non-woven products consist of spatially structured synthetic fibres (Nylon 6.6) to which abrasive grinding media made of SiC or AL2O3 are bonded by means of temperature-resistant synthetic resins. The open three-dimensional structure does not clog by abrasion and "cleans" itself by controlled wear. As a result, "fresh" abrasive grit is constantly coming into contact with the tool surface, guaranteeing a uniformly constant surface finish. The flexible structure also allows working on contoured parts without producing large amounts of material removal. FALCONBRITE products can be used in dry or wet applications with water, oils, greases or emulsions. The uniform particle size distribution guarantees a consistent work result throughout the entire service life.

FALCONBRITE GmbH offers the most comprehensive product range with a variety of different types, sizes and hardnesses. We receive our raw materials from the world renowned certified manufacturers. The assembly of discs, brushes, rollers, and large sections is exclusively made by Falkenrich GmbH providing quality “Made in Germany”.

Falkenrich products offer the following advantages:

  • Do not change the geometric shape of the workpiece
  • Increases the corrosion resistance of surfaces
  • Increases the surface, providing optimum adhesion for subsequent coatings
  • Uniform particle size distribution ensures a uniform and reproducible surface
  • Dry or wet, can be used with oils or mild detergent
  • Minimal heating of workpieces - no discoloration
  • Slightly profiled
  • Can be used immediately - no lengthy setup times
  • Is not clogging
  • Works quiet
  • No secondary burr in deburring

Grit size and type of grain

Grit size according to FEPA Type of grain Aluminum Oxide AL2O3 Silicon Carbide SiC Flint
Description Clean & Finish High Performance Clean & Finish High Performance Clean & Finish
36 FBS strip - - - CS 02 -
80 CRS coarse A 03 C 03 S 03 - -
100 MED medium A 04 C 04 S 04 - -
120 MDF medium fine A 05 - - - -
180 FIN fine A 06 C 06 S 06 - -
280 VFN very fine A 07 C 07 S 07 CS 07 -
500 SFN super fine - - S 08 - T 08
800 UFN ultra fine - - S 09 CS 09 -
1000 XFN extra fine A 12 - S 10 - -
1500 XXFN extreme extra fine A 15 - S 15 - -

You can obtain the entire range of abrasive non-woven products from us. We manufacture the product qualities "Clean & Finish" (CF), "Wear Resistant" (WR), "Cut & Polish" (CP) and other special materials according to customer requirements.

Clean & Finish

25x magnification

High Performance

25x magnification

Non-woven abrasive Effect

Graphic of non-woven abrasive effect

Non-woven abrasive Structure

Graphic of a non-woven abrasive structure

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